Kasparov visiting South Africa

Nov 12, 2011, 4:29 PM |

What should be a great opportunity for South Africa, [ and the chess players], I think is more of a 'low' for our chess players. Kasparov is visiting, but hey, CHESSA will probably not be meeting with him - from what I can gather. [See CHESSA's official website] Hopefully they will meet and have some 'discussions' about Chess and the future of Chess in South Africa. You would expect an Official body to meet with someone like Kasparov, wouldn't you?


On this following link you can 'meet' one of the Trustees of Moves for Life, the private company that actually arranged Kasparov's visit. Is it not a bit 'unfair' of Moves for Life to arrange Kasparov's visit without consulting CHESSA or without inviting CHESSA to meet with Kasparov too? Is it not 'wrong' of Kasparov NOT to suggest to meet CHESSA? or is it again the money that 'talks'? I rest my case.