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Sep 7, 2012, 1:51 PM 5

Paralympics - Friday 7/9/2012

Men [ less severe] 800 m

We went to the Paralympics today. - KS2 - Y3-Y6 [Children age 7-11]

It was an exciting experience for the children, but for an adult I think it's just the 'thrill' that you are actually at the Olympics - or the Paralympics - it's nothing more than just another event, but the difference, it's the 'Olympics' and it's world class athletes competing. We didn't have great seats, we sat opposite the finishing line, not even near the starting line. My one photo shows very clear the 5 blocks of empty seats by the finishing line!! Why?? Why could we not fill it up? We could have had a great view with the 100m heats - we couldn't see, just on the big screen, but you know what the big screen is like - it is not the same as sitting by the finishing line. We saw blind [severe] athletes with long jump - that was interesting. We saw javeline - and the 800m and two ceremonies - again only on the big screen. My view: Stay at home, on your TV it is much much better, unless you have tickets for the start/finish line. Sorry, this is my Friday night moan. hehe...

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