Please help Raju

Jul 13, 2014, 3:25 AM |

Thank you to Leila from the group: Anita's Biker Angels - who made me aware of Raju's horrible situation. It's so sad to know that we as humans are so unkind to animals like the rhinos and elephants - and so many more other animals. They don't have a voice to speak, we need to speak up for them. Raju has suffered for 50 years, in spikes and chains. Follow the link to read his story and please donate if you can to help him to recover from his ordeal.

Raju is a 50 year old makna (tuskless male) bull elephant who has lived all his life in chains with very little to eat. Not much is known about Raju’s early years but we conclude that he was possibly poached from the forest as a young calf and then sold to several people, one after the other, all his life. All through this, he was subjected to daily abuse and beatings to ‘discipline’ him for a life of begging so his owner could make a profit from him. Wildlife SOS investigation indicates that he was traded as a commodity every one to two years of his life and even dragged to the Sonpur elephant fair in Bihar where elephants are illegally traded under the guise of exhibition.

Read more on the next link and you will also find a link to donate towards Raju.