I bury those cockaroaches

I bury those cockaroaches

Sep 13, 2015, 12:30 PM |


By:  Antonio Montana


I really don't know what people think of me, Man.  All I know is that in this world...  first you get the money.  then you get the power.  then you get the women.  That's how it works, man

I play chess like those pelicans fly.  My opponents?  cockaroaches.  They want to be like grandmaster A or grandmaster B.....  Me.   I dont care, man.  I dont care.

It reminds me of the doctor who isnt really a doctor but calls himself a doctor......  doesnt make him a doctor right?  just saying man.  got to use your brains.

See.....  me.  I learned the hard way, Man.  They tried to stomp me out many times, but I learned.  I stopped doing stupid stuff and turned to chess instead.  That's why Im here, man.  Stomping out cockaroaches and picking up chess chicas from around the world.  It is the life.

See.  I dont play chess to win trophies or awards or for some cockaroach to pat me on the back telling me how good I am.  Me.  I dont care.  Im just playing to stomp some filthy cockaroaches.

So much is made about ratings, man.  Some Chico says he is good.  Another says hes great.  some chica says shes good.  Other says shes great.  On and on and on......  Me.  I hate that....  

I dont want to talk the talk.  I want whats coming to me, Man. 

"The world and everything in it."