Respect the game

Aug 31, 2011, 7:48 AM |

Losing is part of the game. Any game. It's an outcome that is based on your skills, your knowledge, your preparation, your experience and your opponent. By losing, it means that something went wrong. Either you did not make enough practise or your opponent was better because he put more effort in learning and training. Maybe it was lack of concentration on behalf of you during the game. Whatever the reason, It doesn't mean that you are a fool.

For a player to have more points than you in any category of the game (blitz, bullet, chess960 or the normal chess) and thus higher ranking, means that person worked more than you and he deserves those points. If he has less points and you got beaten, challenge again if you want but keep in mind it's just a game!

To realise that you lost from a better opponent shows respect. You respect his talent, his ability, his skills and his experience. You can earn this respect yourself by becoming better. It will build you character and teach you discipline. Don't let the time get by in order to force your opponent to resign and steal the points because someone is in a hurry. This shows stupidity and smallness.