Bye-Bye “Allygirl!”

Jun 6, 2008, 10:13 PM |

I had to do IT! I had to have it changed.


It was my l’ttle sister that gave me the idea for my ex-handle “Allygirl!”


I don’t know why I went for it at that time. But I did – and I’ve regretted having that handle ever since.


I felt it was too yucky-peppy-zippy adolescent girly like. It didn’t do justice to my age and it didn’t elevate my housewife statusTongue out.


So this is it – I’ve settled for my new handle = Arby! Innocent


Arby or Arbie was what my dad always called me.


This is for the man that brought me into the game and the man that will always be close to my heart (and hubby too of courseWink).




a.k.a Ally

a.k.a Arbie