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Our Universe is Alive

Mar 9, 2008, 5:01 AM 0
The current belief is that the Universe in which we live in is the result of a great expansion of energy and matter, or more commonly phrased: the Big Bang!  Relatively speaking, this Big Bang is something like the expansion of the lungs when a baby is born: a huge expansion of consciousness with that first breath.  Now it is believed that the Universe will eventually contract on itself, into an incredibly small point of energy and light with time.  This sounds like the description of the breath: an inhalation with expansion, followed by exhalation with contraction.  Is it possible that the manifestation of our vast universe is no more than the mere expansion and contraction of some Cosmic Being's breath?  Is all the universe nothing more that the conscious functions of a form of life millenniums outside of our range of comprehension?  I guess the actual question is: Is space itself "conscious".  Is the sky that we look upon at night, admiring the billions of stars, actually a manifestation of a greater conscious existence that we are only just now learning to comprehend?

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