pre-Christmas tourney in Newham

Dec 22, 2011, 10:23 AM |

I do enjoy organising chess tournaments and took the opportunity of a slack pre-Christmas (yes, really) to take over the Kitchen Table Ca - with the very kind assistance of Anne, who runs it. I invited children from the after-school chess club I run at the nearby Hartley Centre and some other children and adults I know locally, either from Christian home education or from summer chess programmes I have run for the local council (see earlier blog posts).

The morning ran from half past nine until noon - starting with casual games and then a four-round Swiss tournament. We had sixteen participants - just right.

My lovely wife made cup cakes with chess motifs. Next time I shall certainly take photographs.

Results, with children's ages:

1st place - four points

Javaid (15)

2nd-5th - three points

Rodney, Ranch (15), Daniel (12), Ferris

6th-11th - two points

Micha (15), Jyotsna (10), Dariusz (9), Sudha, Prashanth (12), Aagnesh (9)

12-15th - one point

Dellon (8), Nathanael (9), Sana (9), Karshan (9)

16th zero points

Indianna (8)

Having a range of ages seemed to help create calm - ie, during the games there was intense concentration with little noise. I used a clock on board one (occupied by Rodney each game) with a 10-3 time control.

How to take this forward? Perhaps do similar at Easter.