The London Chess Classic: a bunny visits

Dec 15, 2011, 1:41 PM |

I took two of my schools to day three, when there was a tournament as well as the usual coaching.

Highlights included

  • One of my pupils on the stage playing a demo game, which GMs Ward and King commented on, with the game being shown on the big screen. My pupil lost a pawn to a cheap centre trap (Black took a pawn with a N on e4 and then forked a N and B with d5 - my pupil missed Bf7+ as a response)
  • Some of my Indian pupils and their parents being delighted at seeing Vishy Anand and him happy to have his picture taken with them.
  • Practising my French with Mrs Kramnik
  • Seeing Nakamura come back from a very dodgy position against Anand. The GMs in the VIP lounge were sure it was all over for Nakamura - but the comeback was awesome.

A very well-run event: congratulations to Malcolm Pein and his team