How a Kid Got His Passion For Chess

How a Kid Got His Passion For Chess

Aug 13, 2017, 4:47 PM |

         My name is Ashton Yeager, I am 13 years old and I have a passion for the game of chess.  I spend all my time during the day studying chess.  Chess is my favorite thing to do, and believe it or not I used to dislike chess.  Chess is truly my life and my passion now.

        I love tournament play a lot, and when I played my first tournament I got so excited just to start my game.  I have played against many strong players and occasionally beating them!  I think that how I got a passion for the game of chess is very inspiring, so I decided to share it with other players!

How I Got Started


         I didn't know much at all about chess.  The most I had ever done with chess is learn the rules (sort of).  I had very weird ideas about chess, for instance, I thought that the knights sat next to the king and queen and the bishops sat next to the rooks.  So obviously when I did play chess this is how I was setting up the board! 

          When I was playing chess for the first time I was 9 years old.  I was getting beaten every time I played, I never won a single game.  So it wasn't long before I quit playing.  I was really bad at the game and I didn't like it much.

          Four years later I got back into it again.  I was on my Christmas break for 2016 and my dad had bought me and my brother a chess set for Christmas,  my dad thought I might like to try playing chess again.  I told my dad no, I didn't like chess and I didn't want to play again.  My brother did want to play though, and my dad told me that he thought we should learn together.

          Despite not wanting to play chess I played, and the first game even though I lost I just had that strange voice inside of me saying "this game is really fun!".  So I actually started to like chess a lot, although dad just kept beating me and beating me.  I just kept on trying, until when I was done playing and told him "I'm horrible at this game and I quit, I'll never win!"  My dad doesn't like it when I quit so he told me that I should keep trying.  My dad told me not to quit and to watch youtube videos on chess strategy.  So that is what I did.

           The next day I spent all day in my room watching chess youtube videos.  I wanted to be able to beat my dad as fast as possible so I googled "how to checkmate in 1 move".  Obviously, I didn't find a way to do that but I did learn the fools mate and the scholar's mate.  I watched videos on strategy, tactics, and checkmates, and that night when I played chess with my dad I beat him!  Not only did I beat but I crushed him and I crushed game after game after game.  He couldn't beat me once!  All of a sudden I had a passion for chess!

           I have kept this passion for 8 months and I have studied new things every day and all day.  I have gone a long way since then, and am now beating experts sometimes too!  Once when a tournament director asked my dad who my coach was he said: "He doesn't have a coach,  he is my coach."  

          As for my brother, he didn't stay with it and never got that interested he is almost 10 now.  Never once have I felt like quitting, because chess is my passion and my purpose in the world.  I could never give this up!

         I hope that my article can inspire other chess players and people in general to persevere.  I hope that I was helpful in encouraging others to never quit, and to just go for it!


   I hope that you have enjoyed reading my article!