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The Queen on and off the Board

The Queen on and off the Board

Sep 6, 2017, 8:09 AM 0

My tits get in the way of me playing perfect chess. My tits, however, are perfect. That's compensation enough. I love bending my opponent over the chess board and claiming the open file with my rooks doubled, ready, waiting, anticipating for the moment of thrust up to the 7th rank.


He made a move, Bc6, I immediately recognised this as a blunder. His king was exposed and I took full advantage with Qc8+


He didn't realise it just yet but I caught him with his pink panties down around his ankles. He blushed. I sipped my black coffee and smiled. I fixed my stockings and kicked off my ruby red high heels ready for the checkmate.  Just like my ex-husband he didn't last long.


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