Road to the Grandmaster title - First Saturday June IM tourney

Road to the Grandmaster title - First Saturday June IM tourney


My next tourney will start tomorrow. 10 players will play 9 games in 10 days. We have players from Serbia, Ireland, France and from Hungary. I am the 5th on the starting rating list.

Starting rank list of players

No.   Name FideID FED Rtg
GM Ilincic Zlatko 900346 SRB 2383
IM Szeberenyi Adam 710466 HUN 2373
FM O`donnell Conor 2504243 IRL 2331
FM Papadiamandis Elliot 36074160 FRA 2327
IM Turzo Attila 704954 HUN 2311
Geher Koppany 785091 HUN 2291
Pogany Zsombor 785369 HUN 2259
FM Lyell Mark 402354 ENG 2233
Fule Simon 787515 HUN 2198
Mihalik Agoston 719021 HUN 2194

I started my chess training today by playing 3 training games.

In the first game I was able to win a nice game in an exchange slav. My opponent did not castle and by opening the e-file I got a strong position and was able to win his queen:

The 2nd game was very wild. He played the advance variation in the Caro-kann. I sacrificed 2 pawns and then lost the 3rd one, but I got counterplay and after his mistakes I was able to win back the pawns and level the game.

In the final game I lost in a London system. I got the better position out of the opening, but played passively and under the pressure I used too much time and made mistakes in the end.

One key learning from my recent games is I will give more importance to the activity of the pieces.

Last day I managed to sleep 6.5 hours. Need more!

My blitz rating went from 2452 to 2455. 

In the last 13 days I played 68 games, lost 37 games and won 21 games and drew 10 games.

You can watch the games and the analysis on this video:

I was running today with my daughter. The weather is better and better every day. We had fun time today. We went also to the Church and She lighted 4 candles to remember 4 family members and friends who passed away.

In the night I did my 1 hour daily calculation training. It was the 60th day.

I did 140 easier puzzles and 2 hard ones:

You can watch and solve the puzzles on this video:

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