Road to the Grandmaster title - Revitalizing

Road to the Grandmaster title - Revitalizing

IM AttilaTurzo

I wrote you long-long time ago. My last tournament was in April in 2019. Then I became busy to sell real estates and find one which fits for our needs. The 2nd part of 2019 was about that. We were able to sell the real estates and buy our new house at the end of the last year.

Then several month went by preparing to move into the house. Painting and updating the heating system. We moved in 1st of Marc and soon started the pandemic which prevented me from playing in tourneys. Anyway I had lot of things to do in the garden and clean the garage and other outside rooms.

The work is still in progress we plan the update the rook of the garage in the next week.

Around 3 weeks ago I started to run again. This time I run in a forest close to us. Every day around 20-40 minutes. After a few weeks of running and working on my sleep schedule I got the energy and the motivation to revitalize my Road the the GM title.

I started by reviewing the meta picture of my life, my goals, my time management and my priorities.

I decided to work first on improving my skills to learn. For that reason I read a great book. Limitless by Jim Kwik. You can check it at 

I also joined a coaching program which I hope helps me to be a better chess coach and also optimize my life to reach the GM title.

It is a 300 days program. It is very well structured with lot of audio materials which I can listen when I run daily. I have also an Optimize buddy to make each other accountable.

You can check the program at

I also started to stream again at

I started to experiencing with new openings. The najdorf and the grunfeld with black and 1.e4 main lines. I did not study them just play them in the last couple of Titled Tuesdays. I realized I need to learn them to be able to play them well. 

I went back the the London system and my other old openings in this Tuesday and I played much better.

I played a game which I wanted to share with you, because it showed a nice attacking idea against the black king:

I plan to report you every day what do I study and how I progress toward to goal to reach the GM title.
Thank you for your support!