Armchair Generals Blog: The Jewish War by Josephus

Armchair Generals Blog: The Jewish War by Josephus

Apr 16, 2016, 10:08 PM |

Josephus and his depiction of The Jewish War stand to this day as one of the few texts that survived in their entirety from the collapse of the Classical Civilization. Josephus through his narrative allows us a glimpse at the time and place where the seeds of religious and political discourse of our time were planted. There are many controversies surrounding this work and its position in the cannon of the Western history. Some of them pertain to the translation, others look at the context of where the book was written, whereas still others deal with the military aspect of this narrative. Whatever the controversy may be, please feel free to comment or ask questions. I hope that this will lead to an interesting discussion.













Book Info:

Title: The Jewish War

Author: Josephus

Year Published: This translation was first published in 1959.

Price: $1.00


Edition: Penguin Classics

Edition Notes: This book is a translation by G.A. Williamson who also written the introduction. The point of interest is that this book was actually reprited in Israel by no other than Steimatzky's Agency.


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