Lately in Live Chess I've been losing games like it's my profession.  Maybe it's what I get for playing chess instead of doing the research I ought to be catching up on right now for my graduate classes.  Anywho, so that I don't get overly depressed, I figured that I would examine one of the few lucky wins I've had lately (a.k.a., a game during which I didn't yell at myself as much.)  Maybe I'll post a devastating loss next time just to balance things out.

I've learned that I play better with around 20|5 time control, which is what I've been playing recently.  I suppose I got tired of losing on time with a clearly winning position.  I want to play good chess first; I'll learn how to play fast chess later.

This game features a Ruy Lopez-ish opening, though my opponent brought the Queen out a bit early, which may have cost her some initiative.  The game itself was pretty even.  I thought I had a better position until I made a fatal mistake, for which I was not punished, and then won with a check on the king which caused further problems my opponent.


And so another game has been examined.  As always, please feel free to leave comments.  I know I miss a lot, and I, like you, am always looking to become a better player.  I'd especially love to hear thoughts on pawn structure, as that is what I'm trying to intentionally work on right now.  Cheers!