Jun 28, 2010, 6:01 PM |

Well, it's that time again where I analyze a recent game of mine.  I do this more for myself in my endeavor to become a better player, but the Insert-a-Game feature makes it so convenient, so I shall turn my analysis into somewhat-weekly blog post.  That way, everyone can see how deplorable my skills are, make comments, and watch what, if any, improvement is made over time.

I played this game in live chess with a time control of 35|0.  It features an opening I'm not very comfortable with, with what I think was solid play going into the middle game.  I started sacrificing material to hopefully get an advantage in initiative, but White proved to have all the initiative and checkmated me in a big way.

Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, or philosophical inquiries into the meaning of life.


If you look into my archive (stalker!) you'll see that I played this game after a series of horrific losses.  It wasn't until this game that I settled down and I decided to try and be a little bit more patient.  Lesson of the day, "A chess player is nothing without patience."