Got any pic's?

Nov 2, 2007, 1:47 PM |

Can someone please tell me why anyone would need to see my picture in order to play chess?

Here’s a secret; if you do not see a picture on someone’s profile, that’s because they don’t want one there.

I am quite tired of being picked up everywhere I go! I would like to be able to do something I love with out someone coming on to me in someway. I used to really enjoy dancing and playing pool, but can’t do that much in peace.

So I am here hiding safely behind my Laptop playing chess and not caring if you all have a picture up or not just happy to be able to share a game.

I apologize, but that question makes me so defensive! “Got any pic’s”? Heck No!


OK OK... I CHANGE MY MIND!!! I wrote this blog a long time ago and I have come to realize that many male players are intimidated (I choose to use that word) by female players and their egos can't handle losing to a woman. Having my picture up actually helps me crush them! Kiss