Jul 14, 2008, 10:58 PM |

I can finally say I have gotten better! I was a bit intimidated playing real players (because my first chess site was yahoo), so I played several chess engines. The problem with those is you can take back moves and I feel that slowed down my learning process; however things have begun to click. I decided to play on again to raise my score, but as soon as I thought that way I began to make silly mistakes again. My attraction to the game at first was the fact that I am very competitive. I get too aggressive and feel the need to prove myself right of the bat. I have since learned to set up, calculate and sacrifice and the victory is even sweater. Of course I have a lot more to learm, but I am happy with my progress. It's nice to see my rating go up, but do not judge my game by the number, because games can be timed out. I do however see a great improvement since I went from 836 to 1163 in to weeks. Now I just enjoy every game I play; if I lose I learn something and if I win VICTORY IS MINE!

Jan 2011
I now have a rating of 1300 on without cheatingting. I must say I am extremely proud of myself. It took me some time, but I live a full life, had some issues and stopped playing for awhile, but my game has improved immensely. I do not need to be a Grandmaster, but I do NEED to be a good chess player.