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couple potential conspiracy ideas

couple potential conspiracy ideas

Jan 29, 2017, 12:49 PM 0

A couple potential conspiracy ideas sparked in my mind, worth sharing with elites:
1. Accompanying "ban on Muslims" comes the paradox with the Jesus's hippie socialist spirit, which on one hand makes any non-psychopathological individual to wonder what could be in progress within the hollow organ of any republicans, aka their brain, while on the other hand allows pope Francis to act as the holy protagonist of this comedy/drama (as though no adult is capable of feeling sympathy unless holy books say so, or no somewhat sound man has the ability to read some history and do the math to realize the consequence of cruelty) and stimulate even atheist groups, who are mostly liberals, to resort to a christian leader as a revolutionary thought-provoker, who hereby I must also wish to root for.
2. The more obvious-looking complicity scintillates when this executive act grants ground to the venal politicians of the opponent countries to capitalize on this mayhem as a supporting evidence for their long-lived aversion towards west, and the US in particular. As we all certainly know, the main riddle homosapiens ever been facing is whether egg came first or the chicken, and since the first missing link, these pieces of evidence have indeed been stacked up on top of each other until the judgement day arrives and all of us can live happily ever after.

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