Pogonina vs Chess.com Move 29.

Feb 16, 2010, 4:21 AM |

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                                    Natalia Pogonina  vs   Chess.com

The game:  http://www.chess.com/votechess/game.html?id=14051

Well, finding the similarity between modern drama and the vote chess forum striking. I view it more constructive to do the analysis of the rest of the game by one voice only and a cappela. It will also tend towards a more post post character. Some have given voice to the somewhat misconcepted idea that views expressed here would benefit the first player. My primary thought is that such a notion strongly misjudges the capability of a professional player, secondly the massive time needed to boil down the information to some useful crust is a wasted one.

I have seen one or two fine, deep breakdowns of the position before but the Alliance lately have produced some very shallow lines. The procedure where a handfull of Alliance players vote also puts the moves at random.

The main reason for me to writing about the game was to exercise my analytical skills. Then, I liked to have a page where the game, moves and ideas were concentrated instead of shards that could be found here and there in the forum and Alliance. Thirdly, I had looked forward to an exchange of ideas and the reasons behind each potential move, the pros and cons. To a part it was so but there was also wast shortcomings.
















This is the current position. Both 28.Rb4 and 28. ... Bd8 have been discussed in depth on earlier pages. I could repost those ofc. The main black threat here is Bxa5. And the likely candidates are:

29.Qa4 Rbc8  30.h3 We are back at the Bg4 idea. ... Qc7  31.Qb3 The black queen is the sole defender of b7 and I dont believe in Qxa5 Rxb7. 31. ... b5 will also generate the same position. So 31. ...Rb8 Back again. 32.Bc4 Heading for d5. White keeps working for the optimal spots. Maybe b5 here but it will generate a weak a-pawn and f7/d6 are still vulnerable.

29.Qd5 (Threat:Qxe5)(29.Qa4 (Threat:Bxa6) Rbc8) and the Black Queen must move. Some interesting pressure play here. White is expanding her area of influence, so besides keeping Black busy on the queen wing something is slowly building up against the king side. Just think Bc4 and Rd1-d3-f3."



Pogonina played Qa4 which is the strongest move, according to me, in the position.