May 8, 2012, 5:20 PM |

This blog is about the WCC's, or World Chess Champions. The first official champ was Wilhelm Steinitz. He defeated Zuckertort in the match for the title.

Lasker was second. He also held the crown the longest on record, 27 years. With the first two the following were considered the best players of the late 19th century and the early 20th: M.Chigorin, whodidn't become a WCC because he was drunk, P.Morphy, also one of the best players of all times, S.Tarrasch, who was a doctor, and F.Marshall, who was the 1st US champion.

Capablanca came 3rd. I don't have much to say about him, except that he died while playing a game.

Alekhine's interesting fact is that he is French. Many people think he is Russian, but no.

Max Euwe was a WCC, although he did'nt beat anyone to get it.

Botvinnik was champion 3 times. M.Tal is considered the most attack-oriented WCC. He had only 2 fingers on his right hand. Tigran Petrosian could count ahead for at least the preceding 20 moves. B.Spassky was limp when he lost his title.

Robert James Fischer was probably the best player of all time. He became the US champ at age 13. He was in the game of the century. Just a brilliant player.

Karpov(AK) and Kasparov(GK) had a match that GK won. his flag became the tri-color Russian flag.

V.Kramnik was sometimes drunk. Vishi Anand is the current WCC.

Hope you liked it!