Gara Garayev - 7 BEAUTIES Waltz


Gara Garayev - "7 BEAUTIES" Waltz

We shall be able to liken our folk music to oil-fields which are located in the different depths of layers

Gara Garayev (1918-1982) was a prominent Azerbaijani composer of the Soviet period. Garayev wrote nearly 110 musical pieces, including ballets, operas, symphonic and chamber pieces, solos for piano, cantatas, songs and marches, and rose to prominence not only in Azerbaijan SSR but also in the rest of the Soviet Union and worldwide. Among his teachers was the prominent Azerbaijani composer Uzeir Bay Hajibeyli. During his teaching career at the Azerbaijan State Conservatoire, Garayev prepared a number of prominent Azerbaijani musicians and composers, including Niyazi, Arif Malikov, Khayyam Mirzazade, Ismayil Hajibeyli and his own son Faraj among others.