Pro Chess League (Playoff's Week 1 morning)

Pro Chess League (Playoff's Week 1 morning)

Mar 1, 2017, 3:45 PM |

Hello everyone of! This is my first blog post, and today I will be talking about the Pro Chess League!

We just finished the first two divisions of the playoffs, and WOW! There where some extremely exiting and nail biting moment!

One of these was in the game between Murtas Kazhgaleyev (Cannes Blockbusters) and Romain Edouarde (London Lions) and I will just let you watch it:

Can you believe it! he left the rook hanging! And Romian did not even notice!! But that is not the end of it, later in the game, this is what happened:

He did it again!!!! He left the rook hanging, and this time Murtas did not notice!!

Talk about excitement. And to top it off the London Lions won the match, and if Murtas did notice the hanging rook, and won the game; the Blockbusters would not have been knocked out of the playoff's!


Another subject this morning was Magnus Carlsen. He played four games today, and won all four of them! phpLXtMkX.jpeg

At the start  of the tournament i was not too sure about Magnus, but now I am starting to think that he may just carry his team to the finals.


Although I personally cannot wait for the Miami Champions to put Hikaru Nakumaru back in their line-up so he can give their team a much needed boost.



Although enough of me hogging the mic (or keyboard .... chat? .... ya let's just go with the mic) who do you think will win the 'Pro Chess League' remember to fill out your bracket on and have a chance to win a five year diamond membership!


This is my completed bracket: