Too Quick to Draw?

Feb 2, 2015, 10:15 AM |
This was a 10|0 blitz game played online. The endgame reached was a queen and pawn, where black is up a pawn and has an edge I think. We reached this position with 2 min left on each of our clocks, and like I said I was confident that black had good winning chances. I felt to feel the time pressure, however, and was unable to see a clear plan. I thought that pushing the f pawn might get me a passed pawn, but I saw that white would have counter play. I decided to force a draw by repetition but am uncertain if this was the right decision.
In these case where you believe that there are winning chances but are uncertain of the outcome is it better to risk it and try to win or is it more wise to take a draw? 
PS Im not claiming that this was a good game. Also 41..Qe2 was a mouse slip where Qe1 was intended.