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Blitz Marathon#2 Rematch Vs Scolirebocht 3 and 5 minute action

May 9, 2016, 9:33 AM 2

Hello everyone and welcome to another blitz marathon only the second one but there will be many more. I was playing scolirebocht again, and this time we had 7 3 minute games and 5 5minute games. In the 3  minute section, last time I dominated, but this time  I only won 4.3, at the expense of over 40 points, and in the 5 minute section I won 3 games and my opponent won 1 game. So at the start I was 1500 and now I am only 1454 I think, but anyway It was worth it, well not really because I lost so many points, but anyway this is a game in the 5 minute portion[ The last few moves]

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