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Road To 1800 Bullet Completed.... Now Liam.... Dont Even Say ''Road To 1900 Bullet''

May 2, 2016, 1:18 AM 1

Hello everyone I am officially over 1800 bullet on chess.com, I am 1811 at this point. Today I actually got to 1823 or something like that, but I dropped a few points. I won like 7 games in a row. Not near my record 12 games. But anyway I am 1800 plus. Here is how I did it. : Number One. Believe. I always have faith in myself, even if I am against the odds. Number Two. Never Give Up. I never give up, and even if I'm losing by a few pieces, I make fast  moves, and sometimes it works, I flag them. Number Three. Pushing. Sometimes people make so many pre moves that I get pieces of them. Here is a game above that I played and what happens when you pre move pieces. Anyway, I don't know should I even say ''Road To 1900 Bullet'' well I said it. And hopefully I can keep going.......

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