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Momentum - Don't lose it!

Momentum - Don't lose it!

Aug 7, 2016, 11:58 AM 0

Hello Everyone! Today, we’re going to see Attacking Principle #2 from Jacob Aagard’s Attacking Manual 1. And it is Momentum!

Momentum means, once you have developed all pieces, you must execute your attack with greatest possible pace. If needed, sacrifice your way into your opponent’s camp. Only move backwards if that creates new threats.


When you have a dynamic advantage, such as development, never ever try to play passively. Give it your all, even at the cost of material, pawn structure or other static advantage. If not? Peter Leko will show you.

If White is allowed to develop all his pieces soon, Black may not be able to survive. So this move is logical. And as Black threatens the c4 Bishop, it seems natural to play the Bishop back to a safer square such as b3. But Leko makes an exellent decision to maintain strong initiative. He decides to exchange the Bishop for the f6 Knight.

Two slow moves. Black can now pull off a series of exchanges to unravel White’s attack and prevail at the end.

On move 14, Leko gains good momentum by his decision to exchange the Bishop rather than retreat. But in move 20, he misses a sensational combination and Topalov uses the static advantages Leko conceded to win the endgame in good technical style.

Can you find the move?


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