Caruana leads Norway Chess 2014

Caruana leads Norway Chess 2014

Jun 7, 2014, 4:02 PM |

That´s it, Fabiano Caruana is leading Norway Chess 2014 after 4 rounds. But let´s start from the beginning. On the first day of the tournament, an (unrated) blitz event took place in which best players would get more whites for the classical games (note that 9 rounds will be played so you cant have the same amount of white and black). Local hero Magnus Carlsen won the blitz section, sometimes playing bizarre opening moves, just like Nigel Short stated:

Topalov also tried some strange openings (the Konstantinopolsky opening?!), but against Carlsen it didnt go well:

Aronian outplayed Svidler with some classy chess:

The shocking blunder of the day was made by Caruana against Magnus. You don´t see this kind of mistakes between top Gms every day (not even every year):


During the classical games Fabiano seems to have got over his horrible blitz game against Carlsen. Against Svidler he played a real masterpiece, with a beautiful and unbalanced open Sicilian sacrifice:

Levon Aronian started well, defeating Karjakin on the white side of a long Queen´s Indian but he mixed his preparation against Grischuk and blundered ealy in the opening. Alexander was able to convert:

Meanwhile, none of the two local players have been able to win a single game in the classical section. While for Agdestein this is a huge success (being the clear underdog you could expect him to lose almost all games), for the World Champion Magnus Carlsen it is somehow a dissapointment as he hasnt been able to find his best chess:

We still have lots of games to be played with another 5 rounds in this beautiful tournament. Will Caruana be able to hold his lead? Will Carlsen start winning? Will Simen Agdestein keep holding the elite GMs? Time to time. Thanks for watching and have a nice day everybody!