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Red Wing Team Matches

Red Wing Team Matches

Sep 28, 2009, 8:03 PM 4

This is another blog I've started just for my own organizational purposes.  If I don't have all this information in one place, I lose track of things.

As an admin in many groups, I start new Team Matches after each Red Wings hockey game.  They're all 5x5 matches, and the time controls are dependant on the score of the hockey game.

I may go back and add last season's matches at some point, but here are just the matches from the new 2009-2010 season:

Red Wings Cruise to 3-1 Win over Flyers: Dark Knights vs D'ChessBomb

3rd Period Comeback Lifts Red Wings over Rangers 4-3: Chess Turtles vs Chess Association

Red Wings Lose First Game of Pre-Season 3-1 (to Buffalo): The 2K Club vs Chess Association

Red Wings Grounded in New York 4-2: Animal Lovers vs Kairav's Chess Masters

Red Wings Fall to Flyers 5-2: Nimzo-Larsen Attack vs King Anthony's Masters Group

Maple Leafs Out Shoot Red Wings 5-4: Chess Turtles vs King Anthony's Masters Group

Red Wings Lose 2nd in a Row to Toronto: Dark Knights vs King Anthony's Masters Group

Red Wings Show the Penguins How They CAN Play: Animal Lovers vs Chess Association

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