The Dark Knight Opens: One Year Later

The Dark Knight Opens: One Year Later

Jul 18, 2009, 1:33 AM |

The Dark Knight Opens

One Year Later


As The Joker said, “Let’s rewind the clocks back a year.”  Can you believe it’s been a whole year already?  Tournaments were a brand new thing on back then, and none of us had any idea how long these things were going to end up taking.  This was the very first tournament I had personally set up, and it’s certainly been a learning experience!!


On July 18, 2008 we had 300 people begin this unique adventure together.  It is now July 18, 2009 and only 25 of those 300 remain.  Along the way, The Dark Knight was released on DVD, and 84 new players joined the game along with 16 former players who seized this opportunity to try again.  Only 7 of those 100 remain leaving a total of 32 players still in contention for The Dark KnightCustom Trophies. 


My group, The Dark Knights, has grown in number, and steadily climbed the leader boards in both Team Matches and Vote Chess.  If any of you have not joined yet, I invite you to do so now.  For a while I was tracking the tournament in great detail in my Dark Knight Tournament Blog, and giving out all kinds of trophies to everyone who was eliminated, advanced, or completed a checkmate with their Dark Knight.


There was even a spin-off tournament (called The Dark Knight: Redemption) started by a player who was forced to resign for opening with a black pawn instead of his Dark Knight.  Yes, it’s been quite a year!!


I know I still owe a lot of trophies to a lot of people, and I still plan on fulfilling those obligations.  “Do I look like a man with a plan?  I’m like a dog chasing cars.  I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I caught it.  I show schemers how pathetic their attempts to control things really are.”  Check the “Notify me of new comments” for this blog, and I’ll try to be better about keeping it up-to-date.  In the meantime, this is where we’re at exactly one year later:


Group 1 – 7 players remaining – 13 games left in Round 3

Group 2 – 5 players remaining – 8 games left in Round 4

Group 3 – 13 players remaining – 6 games left in Round 2

Group 4 – 7 players remaining – 14 games left in Round 3


I hope everyone else is still enjoying this as much as I am.  Ok, I doubt anyone is really enjoying it quite as much as I am, but I hope you’re enjoying it none-the-less.  In honor of the one-year anniversary, I’ve just finished watching my DVD copy of The Dark Knight… Twice (back to back)!!   Heath Ledger was by far the best Joker ever!!!


Thanks to everyone who joined and made my first tournament such a success!!  Good Luck to all 32 players who are still active!!  The Custom Trophies await you!!