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On A Clear Day You Can See IKEA.

On A Clear Day You Can See IKEA.

Apr 7, 2010, 9:26 PM 19

I have been working 12 hour days for the last 3 weeks. I am exhausted. These walls are closing in on me. No end is in sight. I do have a lovely view from the 47th floor. A change of scenery would be nice, though. To keep me from going crazy, I play as much chess as I can while working. When I get really stir-crazy, I jump up on the filing cabinet, throw myself against the window and scream softly. Tonight, I discovered I could jump from the filing cabinet to the extra desk at one end of my office. I found this very entertaining. Mind you, I listen to music all the while. At one point, I was dancing on the desk in front of the window. The things we do to stay sane. I'm not crying. All I have to say is cha-ching. I get paid for overtime. Wink

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