Piace Giocare Lento - Play the Giuoco Piano

Dec 9, 2012, 10:59 PM |

Learn how to play with and againt the oldest recorded chess opening, the Giuoco Piano, also known as the Quiet Game. Modern refinements in defensive play have led most chess masters towards openings like the Ruy Lopez that offer White greater chances for long term initiative. However, it is still popular in correspondence chess, where players are allowed access to published theory, and in games between amateurs. So without further adieu:

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But It's Not Always Slow:

Learn an instructive mating pattern from a game by Gioachino 
Greco, an Italian chess player renown for recording some of the first chess games known.   He studied the Giuoco Piano and published his analysis in the form of short games highlighting instructive checkmating patterns. So without further adieu:

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