Rook vs Pawn on the 7th Rank

Jul 15, 2012, 8:24 AM |

As in most rook endings, trying to solve the positions over the board are near impossible, especially with time constraints. You have to know handle basic positions i.e. the Philidor, Lucena, etc. Even Bobby Fischer, though he was only 15, blundered a rook ending (Diamond members, see the video: Typical Rook Endgame Mistakes III by GM GMMelik).  To be a good end gamer, it is of utmost importance to know as many rook ending positions and techniques. If you have not been exposed to the rook manuvres in this video, your endgame will improve drastically because it's practicality extends beyond positions of having the pawn on the 7th rank. So without further adieu,

BK Academy of Chess presents:

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Even the best grandmasters in the world have had to work hard to acquire the technique of rook endings.  -  Paul Keres