2nd place in the 2015 Wisconsin Memorial

Last weekend I played in the Wisconsin Memorial in Madison, and had the good fortune to tie for second place with 4/5, which is my best tournament result by far.

I wanted to showcase three of my games: my second round win against a very talented young player, Ritika Pandey, a fourth-round draw against veteran player and former Wisconsin state champion James Ellis, and my last-round win against Kevin Macleish who had played a very good tournament thus far.


Ellis told me after the game that he had played against the Fajarowicz Gambit once before in a chess career spanning some 60 years. He couldn't quite remember Qc2, and started worrying about Bf5. Interestingly enough, I played a Blackmar-Diemer against Ellis two years ago (the game also ended in a draw) -- an opening he had also faced a total of two times in his career!