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Chess vs RCF - The best players or the most money?

Chess vs RCF - The best players or the most money?

Aug 7, 2016, 2:52 PM 0

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"The ACP strongly opposes changes to the World Championship Cycle that undermine the very sporting sense and the unique value of the World Chess Champion Title. Our opinion is supported by the results of the ACP Poll - 2016, where over 80% of the chess professionals clearly disapproved the idea of purchasing the rights for the Title Match. If you share our vision, please help fighting this proposal and join the ACP stand by signing and endorsing this statement. The RCF proposal could be approved already in September, and we feel the chess world has to take a clear stand on the matter before then."

Read the full article here, and make yourself heard if you are against these changes. Chess has to be the game where the best players compete, not those funded by the most money!

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