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Scandinavian Defense Part 2

Scandinavian Defense Part 2

Jul 27, 2016, 9:39 PM 0
Part 2 of the 1000-1500 Scandinavian Defense Tournament, and the games keep having interesting motives. In these two games we will look at the difference between a draw and a win, as well as opening mistakes and not giving up when down material. We all lost a piece or two while playing chess, so it is of great use to understand that being down material sometimes can help you play more agressively.
Does this sound familiar to you? When you lose a piece, you just know you have to attack. And when you attack, strange things can happen. People might falter under pressure. Remember this when you are down material. Focus on attacking, and create threats on the board to force your adversary into playing the best moves possible. One slip of you opponent, and you might get back into the game!
Their second match was only decided on move 30 after a game which saw both players having chances. Black forced its hand, giving White the opportunity to lash out and finish the game with mate. Look at what happened...

 Two more interesting games, and I see more good times ahead! Tune in upcoming days to see what the other games have to offer. CheersCool

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