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Scandinavian Defense Part 3

Scandinavian Defense Part 3

Jul 29, 2016, 11:51 PM 0
Welcome back! The games keep rolling in, so I have to be specific in what we will discuss here. Two games this morning, and quite spectacular ones I might add. However, since they are 55 resp. 74 moves, I will focus on the most important parts of the games. Let's dive in!

I rather enjoyed that game. The next game is also long, and it has a couple of interesting themes. The endgame in this game is particularly interesting. Look what happened...

In the first game there were two motives: a forced draw, and a mate with rook and queen. Try to remember these motives, because the first can save you half a point, and the second can appear out of nowhere. Always look for checks on the board, because they can lead to unexpected advantage!

The second game reminded me of the importance of the opposition rule. You probably will not play endgames often, especially not in official games, since the decision in a game usually falls between move 30-40. Therefore, some basic principles of pawn and rook endgames are quite handy. And in this game, again, there was a thin line between a draw and a win. So, in case you run out of ideas, try hopping around with your knight Wink

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