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Scandinavian Defense Part 5

Scandinavian Defense Part 5

Oct 27, 2016, 11:01 AM 0

After a hiatus, I am back with coverage of the tournament, which, is still very much alive. Slowly we see who will enter into the finals. Today I will analyse two games. Let's start!

Match 1: 

Game takeaways:
- Focus on piece harmonisation. Letting them work together, as White does around move 20, is very important. White on the other hand suffocates his pieces on the kingside. Be aware of how your pieces interact, and, in case of uncertainty, rather use an extra move to get your piece to a good square than to let them hang wink.png
- King activation: in an endgame, the king often is a great piece to help out. Black activates his king on move 27, getting it into the game. Four moves later, White does the same. Strong play from both sides!
- The bishop-and-pawn-endgames. Most of the time these games are drawn, especially when
a) the king is in front of the pawn,
b) the square the king is on, is the opposite colour of the attacking bishop (side with the pawn extra), and
c) the bishop of the defending side can permanently attack a square in front of the pawn.
If you ever defend such a position, try to use these rules! 
Match 2 will follow later today. 

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