Scandinavian Defense Part 6

Scandinavian Defense Part 6

Oct 27, 2016, 5:59 PM |

Match of the Day II

For the second match of the day I again focus on a draw. This game lasts 64 moves, and what is impressive about it is, that of these 64 moves, 26 moves from White's side are knight moves. That is 40%! feature - analysis

One thing I really like about the new environment is that we all can directly use the analysis feature. Because there are three options (Quick, Deep, and Maximum) there really is no excuse to quickly go through your game. Sometimes I notice that my opponent outplayed me completely, hardly made any error, and still makes the mistake at the end, losing the match. But more importantly, the analysis gives me a chance to see how many of my moves were in the 'Excellent' and 'Good' categories. Sometimes, that number is astonishingly low. Overall, however, I see an improvement in my games, and I recommend any of you reading this, to use this feature.

Avoiding errors

The less errors you will make… I remember a game where, in 20 moves, I played less than 10 excellent and good moves. Needless to say, I got crushed by my opponent happy.png Underneath you see the overall score of the match analysed in this blog. As you can see, the overall score in all categories is quite balanced. However, the relative score depends on the situation over the board, and I can assure you that although the game seems drawn, Black was winning all through the game. Only on move 5 and after move 57 there is a plus score for White.

So what does this table state? For me, it gives me insight in analysing the inaccuracies, mistakes, and blunders I make. I suggest you do the same. This smart feature will help you improve your game, faster and better than you think.


Strength White Black
Excellent 43 41
Good 7 6
Inaccuracy (?!) 8 10
Mistake (?) 2 4
Blunder (??) 2 1


Now, let's see what happened in this game, shall we? Do watch the formidable knight. After 24. Nxa3 I never suspected that this piece would be a life saver wink.png


Match 2: fifthmay1990 vs plastr13


Game takeaways:
- Needless to say, fifthmay1990 gave me (and hopefully some of you) a lesson about never giving up. Even on higher levels errors occur, but fighting and pushing your opponent to play an extra move, and another, and then another.. You'' never know what can happen! 
- Using the analysis mode to find one's errors and improve upon them, will make you a better player. Game analysis is easier than ever, and I recommend you to look at this option. 
- On a simpler note: don't overdo it when using the same piece multiple times. It doesn't always end in a positive way wink.png