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Scandinavian Defense part 7 - Tactics

Scandinavian Defense part 7 - Tactics

Nov 27, 2016, 5:09 AM 0
Richard the Fifth apparently stated the following, famous uttering: "Chess is 99 percent tactics". The percentage seems somewhat high, but when you think about it more thoroughly, the importance of tactics becomes more and more indisputable. It is true that a tactic can win an important square, pawn, or piece, or even the game with a single combination. We'll look at some of these themes using games from the tournament.
PS If you have a game with a nice tactic and you want to see it analysed, send me the pgn or link and I will use it in another blog!
1. This first game is nice enough to scroll through, but you have to wait until move 50 to see the tactic. By moving the knight, Black threatens to win the White queen, only to realise that White can take the defended rook since there is a discovered attack by the bishop. Black resigns immediately since mate is inevitable.
Winning material I

2. In this game White has a solid lead, and should go on to win this game. However, one slip in the middle-game, and the game is lost… Pins are treacherous, and I recommend analysing a position a bit more carefully whenever you get a position where opposing pieces are aligned. 
Winning material II
 3. In the following game tactics play a role twice in determining the final result. You will see the pawn pin that occurred in the previous game, but also an in-between move. In any tactic, this concept can change the dynamic of the tactic and therefore the outcome of it. In this game it leaves White with a clear lead.
Basically, practicing tons of tactics does help. It gives you a clear understanding of patterns. And if you don't like to practice on a daily basis, just tune in on chess.com and follow a game on the top boards. You will see plenty tactics occur!

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