My Two New-Years-Chess-Resolutions Rules (and how I've already broken Rule #1)

Jan 2, 2018, 12:11 PM |

Early on Mon Jan 1 I made a chess New Year's Resolution to follow two rules.  Their purpose is two-fold: first, to help me to NOT  use as an escape or distraction from my vocation, which is writing. (I am a retired philosophy professor; I hope to have some good years of writing left in me); and second, to use to improve my play, not just keep blindly playing and not getting better.  So to these ends, I resolved to follow two Rules.  Here's my first formulation of them:

Rule 1.  Avoid just jumping onto impulsively, as a "chess break" from what I should be doing.  rather, to be intentional, getting on and playing at a deliberate time and for a deliberate period of time.

Rule 2:  Keep a journal (this blog) in which I go over my games (usually 10 minute games), using the analysis engine, the self-analysis board, so as to diagnose my mistakes and deficiencies, and then use's resources (tutorials, etc) to correct them.


Now having made these rules in the morning of Jan 1, I broke Rule 1 in the afternoon.  tear.pngWhen my current writing bogged down, I took a guilty "chess break" that lasted quite a while.  I did return to my writing, and in the evening, after some deliberate chess time, returned to my writing again (working til 1:30 am.) So while I got good work done,  I broke Rule 1 the very first day. (And I guess I am breaking it again now I guess, for though I have not (yet) played any games and got up at 6 am to continue writing,, I wanted to see if gives me a  Blog I could use as a tool. It does: this is it, and I am trying it out!)

  So I am now going to improve Rule 1 to make it more specific, and also do this for Rule #2:

Rule #1': .  No use of during the day, when I should be working, either at my writing, or the honey-do list my wife always needs my help on! Instead, I will limit my time on it to evenings, from perhaps 7 to 9, or 7:30 to 9:30.

 Rule #2': Alternate play-days and study-days.  If on one day I log on and play games for 2 hours, then on whatever  day I next l log onto, I will NOT play any games: instead I will review games played on an earlier day (at least some of them), identify types of mistakes and strenghs, and study on how to reduce or eliminate the former and enhance the letter, and give some account of this (and the results) in this  Blog. 

  It is now 3 pm and I will get back to work.  More, perhaps, whenever I next log onto (this evening?)--which will be a STUDY-day.  happy.png