SD for Women - Choke underarm

Jun 9, 2008, 4:13 AM |


A video demonstration is available at
 The assailant may attempt to subdue the victim by initially punching.

You will need to raise your head to see how the punch will come in. As it comes in, move your head to the side and slap the punch with the hand on the same side of the punch.

 This technique relies on the assailant committing a lot of force forward. As the punch is deflected by the slap, grab the arm and pull the assailant forward. 

 As the assailant falls forward, slip the other arm round his neck and secure the choke by grabbing the hand with other hand. To make the choke more effectively, press the side of your head against his upper arm so that it in turn presses against his throat

Wrap your legs around his waist to stop him wriggling or kneeing you whilst you cut off his breath.