500th Completed Game.

My 500th completed game on chessmaniac, also my best game and best win to date.   My opponent (name omitted) was extremely gracious in defeat and a true role model of sportsmanship throughout - jm (Bogor)



  • 22 months ago


    For those analyses I used the ChessBase Fritz GUI. I still mostly use that GUI but have the insanely strong free UCI engine Stockfish installed into it currently. For this game I think I only looked at key points with an engine to verify my own analysis.

    Interestingly in this game I ended up using ideas from a database game played by a FIDE 2100+ guy named Eddie Cousins (aka CousinEddie). This game varies from Eddie's game around move 12 but the idea of the c6! push was Eddie's so credit to him. I thanked Eddie afterwards.

  • 22 months ago


    Very nice win. I enjoyed your annotation. As you annotated did you use an engine to provide ideas about the quality of the moves and suggested alternatives that might have been better? One of engines you used to analyse tournament games early on at chessmaniac made verbal comments about moves, a feature I liked. I'm sure that the computerized comments aren't up to the quality of computer play but they are interesting. I remember that early versions of Chessmaster used to do that kind of annotation.

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