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Inspired moments in chess history:Bogoljubov-Speelmann,Stockholm 1919

Inspired moments in chess history:Bogoljubov-Speelmann,Stockholm 1919

Apr 19, 2014, 10:33 AM 3

Playing well known gambit in French defence few days ago as whitethe game came to my mind i first saw when i started to play chess some 20 years ago.This game was played in year 1919,some 62 years before i was born,and it was played by top class players of that time: Efim Bogoljubov(1889-1952) Russian grandmaster who played 2 matches for world title against Alexandar Aljehin and Rudolf Speelmann(1883-1942) Austrian grandmaster,chessplayer of romantic school and was also known as "The Master of Attack".In this game however the master of attack was Bogoljubov with white pieces in an old variation in French defence known as Aljehin-Chatard attack which is still dangerous weapon for white against classical French defence.This short game is a classic example of development advantage and whites ideas in Aljehin-Chatard gambit and how carefull and prepaired black needs to be in this variation.Remembering this game helped me win short and nice game using all the motifs on d5 and c7 squares that are known for almost a century now and were discovered by players such as Bogoljubov,Aljehin and other pioneers of modern chess.

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