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Rude Rook invasion!!

Rude Rook invasion!!

Feb 25, 2011, 8:42 AM 0

This is one position i came across while reading one of the books i purchased from serbian gm Siniša Dražić during big Zadar open that took place in December 2010 of course in Zadar-Croatia.Siniša is known not only as gm but also as a chess book salesman during all kinds of tournaments he is involved in.Among all books that he put on to sale i bought a small pocket book from the series of books called Small chess library which containes 37 books each one on a different subject of a chess game.The book from which this position is taken is called:"Coordination of heavy pieces" by a russian author J.Damski. This book costed me only 9 dollars and i have put it in my own small library that is in my bathroom.So when i have to go to the place where even kings are going alone(bathroom of course) im actually working on my chess improvment.Reading this book for the first time in my bathroom i was so delighted with this position im about to present and some other positions that my wife tought i died in there couse i was in bathroom for at least an hour!So she started banging on the door saying:Hey,are you alive?!!And if you are do you plan to come out soon cause  youre not living alone and we others have needs!!So i came out and posted this blog.Hope you ll like the position as much as i did!

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