Earn YOUR FIDE Title at the Dayton Chess Fest !

FM Boorchess

Dear Chess.com Friends,

I want to invite all of you to the Dayton Chess Festival this July in Dayton Ohio for a week of chess that promises to be a jam packed chess extravaganza. From July 27th to August 1st there will be at least four tournaments taking place: The Dayton Masters, a 10 man round robin for IM/GM norms (3 spots still open!), A Fide Futurity (to earn/improve FIDE rating), The Aviator Open ($$$ Swiss tournament with unique Open format), and finally a Blitz Tournament with $350 in projected prizes. 

 We are trying to bring big time chess to Ohio and the Midwest that usually can only be found in the famous events in Europe, Dubai, etc. 

The current line up for the Dayton Masters:

FIDE Ratings

-2544- MKD GM Vladimir Georgiev 
-2496- BUG GM Dejan Bojkov
-2482- USA IM Jeff Xiong (OH alumni!)
-2480- MKD GM Nikola Mitkov

-2476 - USA IM Ruifeng Li

-2370- USA IM Calvin Blocker (OH)
-2365- ZIM IM Farai Mandizha
-2318- USA FM Carl Boor (OH)
-2450- ABC IM/GM Seeker
-2450- RST IM/GM Seeker

Visit www.DaytonChessFestival.com to register and donate to this great event!