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Bossk Teaches Chess #0: The Power of A Couple Past Pawns

Bossk Teaches Chess #0: The Power of A Couple Past Pawns

Dec 15, 2010, 12:16 AM 0

Hey everybody,

     Its everybody's favorite caster from the new livestream daily Bossk Teaches Chess.   I have streamed quite a large amount of chess over the past few days and people requested I post the pgns and here I am ever the pleaser posting the first game I ever discussed on my daily!  


Well there you have it guys my first game with its write up.   Now I'd like to point out the key points behind this game where that passed pawns are incredibly powerful especially with that powerful darksquare bishop supporting them and that playing with a plan tends to lead to good things!
Remember to check out the stream live guys every Monday - Friday 7 to 8PM (EST) at www.livestream.com/BosskOnASegway  This Friday we will not be streaming however because I will be off snowboard. 
You can expect write ups of Bossk Teaches Chess #2, 3 and 4 by Monday guys!  Remember if you have a game you want analyzed or have any comments on either my casts or write ups email me at BosskOnASegway1@gmail.com

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