Blitz face Final Curtain

Blitz face Final Curtain

Nov 7, 2012, 7:13 AM |

(Beat Reporter:  Mark LaRocca)

It’s down to this… the Blitz face the final curtain on a season that may be one to forget… or, could it possibly be… no, I won’t go there.  Let’s just say that the Blitz must win tonight to have any hope at the playoffs.  They face a very good and determined Baltimore Kingfishers team, who face the very same elimination should they lose.  Baltimore comes in with a team average rating of 2425 and two GM titled players to Boston’s 2382 with no GM/IM titled players. 

Also, the Blitz will need some help from the Manhattan Applesauce who face an incredibly strong lineup in their match with the Connecticut Dreadnoughts.  The Dreadnoughts are fielding two GMs and an IM on their first three boards with an average team rating of 2458.  The Applesauce field a very strong three IMs and are not to be taken lightly for sure. 

The Dreadnoughts must lose (according to my calculations) and the Blitz must win for Boston to make the playoffs.  The question that must be asked is where are the Blitz big guns??… GM Perelshteyn and SM Sammour-Hasbun... in this most important match of the season.  While other teams have fielded two GM’s and an IM (ie. this week’s CON-MAN match), the Blitz have not seen Eugene and Jorge together for any match this season.  All I can say is… What’s up with that?

This week’s lineup:

White                                                 Black

GM Mergenashvilli (BAL)              SM Shmelov (BOS)
FM Gulamali (BOS)                         GM Kaufman (BAL)
NM Defibague (BAL)                      NM Martirosov (BOS)
NM Krasik (BOS)                             NM Zimmer (BAL)


First let me say that I have confidence in each of the matchups.  This is a well-balanced Blitz lineup and should not be underestimated.  So, our road to victory lay as follows… 

Bd 1 – draw,  Bd 2 – win, Bd 3 – draw, Bd 4 – win.

Win with White… draw with Black…

This means we have no margin for error… no losses.  Blitz win (3 – 1).

The problem here is CON vs MAN.  I see no way the Applesauce win/draw this match.  Oh well, let’s hope that we don’t miss our top players this match… if CON does somehow lose, and the Blitz should draw/lose… there will be some second guessing. 

Go Blitz!!!