What is a Good Line to Play Against the Popular Sicilian?

Feb 3, 2018, 6:06 PM |

Sicilian Lines for White:

I recommend the English attack in order to play against the Najdorf and Hyperaccelerated Dragon (all are variations of the Sicilian).

If someone plays what I call the "Super Hyperaccelerated Dragon", which goes like this: 1 e4, c5 2 Nf3, g6, then you could simply play d4 and your better in position.


"How though? I only see a knight that has been developed." 

I won't blame you if you ask this question, but here is my notation on the board for that.




If your opponent plays the Taimanov, you can use this tricky tactical line against your opponent if he/she doesn't know the theory for this line.


It goes like this:


For those who think this risky line won't fit your style, maybe the Maroczy Bind could be a try.


After all, although my rapid kinda sucks, I don't focus during online chess, but I really recommend these lines to you guys. I am a 1677 in USCF chess (for supplement of February 2018). For Sicilian players out there, don't worry--you still have a great chance of winning and definitely can get a slight edge out of the opening.