My First Tournament Game!

My First Tournament Game!

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Today I would like to take a deeper look into my first ever tournament game.

I have already analyzed this one several times in a public manner but would like to take one last look at it as I think it can serve as a form of inspiration for new players who think they aren't improving fast enough or that they are "talentless". My first game in over-the-board tournament play was in 2017, just a month and a half after learning the rules of the game I decided to jump into tournament play because I wanted to challenge myself in an attempt to get better. Let's take a look at how this game progressed.

Already I would like to take a pause here and note that this move is not good for several reasons. First, the bishop on c8 no longer has the ability to develop along the c8-h3 diagonal. Second, the bishop on d6 is prone to being attacked if the moves c3 and d4 come into play as the e5 square is not protected by any pieces. The bishop is much better placed on the c5 and e7 squares instead of d6 where the downsides heavily outweigh the upsides.

Here we reach another critical position in the game where I have a chance to gain an advantage!

Instead, the game continued...

As it turns out, Nxe4 was quite a horrific mistake. What's the refutation?

Luckily, my opponent never found this plan. The next part of this game is a mess but it's quite amusing to watch:

And somehow we reach this position where black has won a majority of the material back and now white has made a serious mistake!

And somehow in the resulting madness, black ends up a pawn in the endgame! Now the remainder of this game had plenty of mistakes but these were the important parts of it. If you would like to see the game in it's entirety in video form I would recommend you check out my newest video which covers it.

Thanks for reading!